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Under the keywords Industry 4.0 and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we are currently experiencing the biggest trends and drivers of change in our working world today: digitization, globalization, demographic change, shortage of skilled workers, new work on the one hand and social and ecological values and demands on the other.

They are the engine for change and innovation. At the same time, they also bring with them new dynamics and other requirements in filling open vacancies. Aspects such as sustainability and authenticity play an increasingly important role for employees. This is the only way to ensure the right match between company, position and the right candidate.

Professional personnel management must face up to this challenge and do justice to it in order to be successful in the long term. 

Sustainable personnel consulting - We have our finger on the pulse of time.

With our many years of experience, good contacts, a lot of knowledge of human nature and agile methods, we find exactly the right employees who will actively contribute to the success of your company. Your company will benefit from this, both from a human and professional point of view, as well as with regard to the challenges posed by rapid change through digitalization, agility and innovation.

Even in the time when the corona virus is affecting all of our lives to an extent never before imagined, it is important not to lose sight of the future and to think about the time afterwards and to set the course now.

Whether it is a matter of recruiting new employees or professional reorientation. Now is the right time to start and not to lose valuable time and start with a new beginning.

Our personnel consultants are always available to assist you with their expertise in the following focus areas:

For companies - attract, develop and retain personnel

Are you looking for experienced headhunters who support you with professionalism, appreciation and transparency in the digital reorientation and sustainable development of your company?

In our "recruiting process" we orientate ourselves only to your specifications. The fast and precise filling of vacancies is the benchmark for us.

Through our excellent "Talent Relationship Management" you will stay in touch with all candidates, even beyond the current staffing process, and can draw on this information for future decisions.

During the recruiting process, you will also receive important information that will help you to improve your "employer branding" and thus increase your attractiveness for applicants.

With our "Management Development Program" you can secure future-oriented know-how built up in your company. In this way you secure long-term investments in your employees and competitiveness.

Our "Leadership Development Program" enables you to develop the talents in your company with a long-term perspective to become managers. You save costs and create the conditions for long-term retention of your "high potentials".

Our services help you to improve your corporate growth continuously and sustainably, also with regard to Industry 4.0 and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We help you to prevent loss of earnings caused by vacant positions or fluctuation. With our expertise, we reduce your risk of making the wrong choice and think about successful onboarding already during the recruitment process.

For applicants and candidates - develop your career

You want to turn on your career boost?

We plan your career change with you and support you personally in your professional reorientation. You will find in us an authentic and open-minded partner who will always take your wishes and specific needs into account under realistic conditions.

We would be happy to explain to you personally the advantages of our "Career Development Program" with which you can set the course for your professional development in a timely manner.

Do the effects of "Corona" or other circumstances force you to reorient yourself on the job market?

Then it is now time to perform at your best. The psychological stress that such a situation brings with it is now only a hindrance to the successful completion of the task at hand!

With our "New Placement Program", we accompany you professionally and empathetically on your way to a new job.

Become a partner - new partners welcome!

Are you working as a self-employed human resources or business consultant? Or would you like to exploit your expertise in human resources management by becoming self-employed? In that case, make the most of the chances provided by our network of experts.

Our cooperation is based on appreciation, sustainability, trust and authenticity.

Are you a self-employed personnel or management consultant, or would you like to set up your own business with your expertise in personnel management?

Then take the opportunity offered by our network of experts and get to know our services.

Our cooperation is based on appreciation, sustainability, trust and authenticity.

HeadAdvice Partners - Our service makes the difference!

Please do not hesitate to contact us!