June 5th, 2020 / Brazilian physicians

Cooperation with CLINIMED Intercâmbio - Brazilian doctors on the way to Germany

HeadAdvice International GmbH breaks new ground.

With the expansion of our field of activity into the health care sector, HeadAdvice International GmbH will in future also dedicate its expertise and experience to the recruitment and placement of doctors and specialists in Germany.

In preparation for this decision, we have entered into a cooperation with CLINIMED Intercâmbio, Ilhéus / Bahia, Brazil, which gives us the opportunity to increasingly place doctors and specialists from Brazil in Germany.

CLINIMED Intercâmbio

headed by the German physician, Dr. med. Mandy Lieberwirth, has been very successfully accompanying Brazilian physicians on the way to realizing their professional training or career /reorientation in Germany since 2013.

As a German doctor, Dr. med. Lieberwirth successfully completed the approval procedure in Brazil, her Brazilian husband the approval procedure in Germany. Due to the personal experience she has gained, she is very familiar with the administrative procedures and is able to give her interested parties good and practical advice on how to cope with this path.

We are looking forward to this cooperation and will be happy to assist you at any time.

Further information can be found under "Collaborations"