The network of experts for all human resources issues

Who are we?

“HeadAdvice Partners” offers a comprehensive service in human resources consultancy: From a targeted direct search to human resources development to the establishment of a strong employer brand, we help companies find suitable employees quickly and fill positions in the long term. Furthermore, we help applicants plan their careers.

We are a network of experts made up of self-employed human resources and business consultants. Each and every one of us boasts many years’ experience in managerial positions in the world of business. Together, we have an extensive pool of expertise and valuable contacts at our command. The idea of sustainability is always at the forefront of our activities.

No single member of the network can do everything you require, but as a team we are able to ensure that all your human resources needs are covered.

What makes us special?

  • Extensive experience in managerial positions in the world of business
  • Uniform standards, structured, agile processes of the highest quality
  • good knowledge of human nature, a lot of tact and sensitivity, as well as continuous training in the latest methods and standards
  • Sustainability for our clients, whether companies or individuals

You can count on that!

With us, you always have an overview of the schedules, costs and all details.

Simply get in touch with us to learn more!