These are what we stand for

To guarantee a service out of a single mould at all times, we have agreed common standards for quality and service. They ensure that all necessary individual tasks are carried out in accordance with the “Principles of correct and qualified human resources consultancy” (GoPB), the guidelines of the German Institute of Business Consultants (IdU) in the Federal Association of German Business Consultants (BDU).

In addition, all our partners commit themselves to the same values:

We are always aware of our responsibility towards the human beings who place their trust in us.

Partnership between equals
Whether you are a candidate or a company, for us it is people who count and not the hierarchy.

Principle of equality
During our day-to-day work we ensure that no one is disadvantaged on the basis of age, gender, origin or state of health.

All participants should know immediately where they stand and what the next steps will be.

We keep companies informed on an open basis during every phase of the recruitment process.

If necessary, we ensure the vacancy is filled quickly. However, our objective is to shape the overall staffing situation in the company in the long term.

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