Ulrich Harbig

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To support people and organisations to better achieve common goals in order to participate in the development of "new realities" is one focus of my work.

I respect the momentum of systems and limit my'feasibility fantasies'. Bringing people into communication, focusing on other perspectives and jointly defining fields of observation are components of my actions.

Moving people to deal with changes and further developments in a sustainable and self-responsible way is one of my goals. The prerequisites for this are initiative and the willingness to embrace new ideas. This is always the case when developments are considered 'sensible'.

With verve and determination I set things in motion, keep the objective in mind and use mindfulness as a continuous companion. The clear distribution of responsibility, my commitment, loyalty, perseverance, combined with concentration on the essentials, characterize my way of working.

In change processes I devote my attention to "culture change". Culture is the totality of all convictions, norms, values and acts as control in change. It influences the behaviour in a very specific direction that has proven itself in the past for the survival of the organisation. That is why changes should not focus solely on the new, but on integrating the new into the existing.

As an experienced and curious consultant I invite to a change of perspective/reflection and set impulses. Putting action into the context of meaning again and again opens up the possibility of trying out new ways.

And when will we get to know each other - I look forward to your call.

„Problem talk creates problems. "Solution talk creates solutions.“ Steve de Shazer

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