Miriam Kasoglu (née Waldmann)

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Life experience, empathy and hands-on mentality - good prerequisites for important decisions

Life circumstances and being in the right place at the right time are often decisive factors that can influence a life in one direction or the other. The experiences and attitudes of other people we deal with, who consciously or unconsciously set the course for us, play a decisive role.

Already during my schooling and professional training I realized that I could rely on my technical skills and that I approached challenges more practically than theoretically. As a trained shoemaker, I realized time and again while practicing this profession that theoretical knowledge usually only led to a masterly result when the acquired wealth of experience was put to use.

This is the only way to master life circumstances that demand full concentration and unlimited commitment. This is especially the case when upcoming changes threaten to cancel out the existing balance between career and partner or family.

All this is not theory, but practical experience, which each of us will be confronted with sooner or later in our lives.

During the development and management of various gastronomic companies I have become acquainted with the challenges between companies, employees and guests.

With this experience and the ability to quickly recognize and understand the thoughts, motives and personality traits of other people, I decided to open a new chapter.

I am happy to offer you my skills to support you in your search for new excellent employees.  

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