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Tim Köhn

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Sustainability and efficiency - key factors for small- and medium-sized enterprises

Filling positions quickly, purposefully and sustainably - that is the biggest challenge for many companies, especially in medium-sized businesses. Many "hidden champions" are often simply not found by interesting candidates. It is becoming increasingly difficult for these companies to be perceived as a "strong brand" by candidates and to be perceived as interesting. As a partner, it is my concern to make my clients' company attractive and interesting for broad segments of the candidate market on the one hand - and to introduce candidates to exciting companies on the other.

I have been working as a personnel consultant for more than 15 years and therefore I know the problems of many small and medium-sized companies in recruiting excellent specialists and executives and the challenges involved. People are crucial for the success of a company - but even more crucial are people with the right skills in the right positions. I have been working on this successfully for years!

Since my studies I have also been accompanying companies through change processes in the context of project management and restructuring processes. It is always a great stimulus for me to think my way into other companies and to open new doors through the "view from outside". This requires a great deal of mutual trust: I therefore bring openness and transparency to every project as my top performance maxim.

I am deeply convinced that people are the center of attention - whether on the client or candidate side.

Let us find the solution for your current challenge together!

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