Self-employed as partner - with a strong background

Going new ways with HeadAdvice Partners

You are already self-employed or employed as a personnel consultant and would like to change your professional situation or you are confronted with a professional change and are thinking about becoming self-employed with your competence as a personnel consultant?

Then it is time to leave the beaten track and go new ways. Become an independent partner with a strong background!

With us, you have the opportunity to contribute your entire knowledge and experience, from recruitment and employer branding to measures such as management or leadership development and career consulting.

With their knowledge and expertise, all options are open to them.

HeadAdvice Partners - Our philosophy

Our services in recruiting as well as topics of personnel consulting such as management or leadership development do not come off the shelf but are oriented towards the concrete and individual needs of our clients. 

In order to always guarantee a service from a single source, we have agreed on common quality and performance standards. They ensure that all required work steps are fulfilled according to the "Principles of Proper and Qualified Personnel Consulting" (GoPB), the guideline of the Institute of Management Consultants IdU in the BDU.

The top premises for all tasks are "Compliance with the principle of equality", "Cooperation and partnership at eye level"; "Responsible handling of information"; "Transparent and open communication" as well as "Sustainability", naturally without losing sight of the factors "Costs" and "Time".

Our clients and candidates alike measure us by these premises - and the successes in personnel consulting that go hand in hand with them.

Thus, it is a matter of course for us to always keep the interests and requirements of both sides, those of the client as well as those of the potential candidate, in mind and to weigh them against each other. Only if this is fulfilled and we are able to generate added value for both sides, are the prerequisites for us to present a candidate to a client fulfilled.

What can you expect?

If you agree with these premises and are willing to join our network of independent recruiters, you can expect partners who will welcome you with empathy and actively support you to ensure a good and successful start.

Our offer for you as a network partner

  • "HeadAdvice" has been established on the market since 2011
  • Greater market presence through trademarked brand "HeadAdvice Partners" as an umbrella brand
  • Agile, digital processes in the entire field of personnel consulting
  • Uniform corporate identity and joint website
  • Provision of personalized templates and templates
  • Ensuring maximum cost and time efficiency
  • Handling of larger recruiting and headhunting projects by a team of partners possible
  • Substitution in case of vacation or illness
  • Continuous training
  • Exchange of experience in the network and regular meetings of all partners
  • Co-determination in the further development of the brand and the entire recruiting network
  • Services according to your needs

Without "ifs" and "buts" - as an independent partner in our network

Join our strong network of personnel consultants, recruiters, headhunters and experienced specialists! Enjoy the freedom of independence as a partner - with a strong background.

Would you like to know more about a HeadAdvice partnership and the network?

Feel free to contact me!

Gert Wandelt
Phone: +49 89 31 772 778
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