Personnel consulting: Self-employed as partner / consultant with a strong background

  • You want to keep your independence as a personnel consultant?

  • But still want to appear in the market with a strong partner network?

  • And in any case be able to react agilely to all requirements of personnel consulting?

Then we at HeadAdvice Partners have just the right offer for you:

Stay independent as our partner or consultant. We offer you the background of a strong network, in which you can easily enter into cooperation, promote the exchange of experience and help shape the entire development.

Breaking new grounds in personnel consulting

  • Are you already self-employed or employed as a personnel consultant? And would you like to change your professional situation?

  • Or you are confronted with a professional change? And are you thinking about becoming self-employed with your competence as a personnel consultant?

Then it is time to leave the well-trodden paths of recruiting and go new ways.

HeadAdvice Partners: Our philosophy

Our services in personnel consulting and recruiting do not come off the peg.

Our highest premises for all tasks are "sustainability" and "future orientation" - of course without losing sight of the factor "costs".

These are the premises - and the successes in personnel consulting that go hand in hand with them - by which both our clients and candidates measure us.

What can you expect?

If you can subscribe to these premises and are willing to become part of our network of independent personnel consultants, then you can expect partners who will welcome you with a great deal of empathy. And who support you in making a good, successful start.

Our offer for you as a network partner

  • Your concrete benefits:- "HeadAdvice" is established on the market since 2011
  • Greater market presence through the trademarked brand "HeadAdvice Partners" as an umbrella brand
  • Agile, digital processes in the entire field of personnel consulting
  • Uniform corporate identity and joint Internet presence
  • Ensuring maximum cost and time efficiency
  • Handling of larger recruiting and headhunting projects by a team of partners possible
  • Substitution in case of vacation or illness
  • Continuous consulting and training
  • Exchange of experience in the network and regular meetings of all partners
  • Co-determination in the further development of the brand and the entire recruiting network
  • Services according to your needs

Without "ifs" and "buts" - as an independent partner in our network

With "HeadAdvice Partners" you are part of a larger personnel consultancy and can continue to grow in your economic independence without restriction.

Would you like to know more about a HeadAdvice partnership and the network?

Feel free to contact me!

Gert Wandelt
Phone: +49 89 31 772 778
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