Advantages for a successful start!

What conditions offer advantages for a successful start?

Are you working as a professional member of staff in a human resources and/or business consultancy? Do you have special branch and/or professional know-how gained during your previous professional life? Have you been increasingly playing with the idea of becoming self-employed as an expert?

As a manager with many years’ experience in a medium-sized or large company, have you suddenly found yourself confronted by a career change? Due to your expertise, could you also imagine being self-employed?

Are you already working as a lone wolf in a human resources or business consultancy? Would you like to hand the irritating administrative tasks over to somebody else in order to concentrate fully on your core competency?

If you feel that you are in one of these three situations, make the most of this opportunity to become part of a network of experts as a self-employed entrepreneur under the umbrella brand HeadAdvice Partners. You retain your full economic independence while profiting from the significant added value of the network through cooperation, interaction and resource sharing.

I would be happy to explain the opportunities and chances involved in a partnership in our network!

Gert Wandelt
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