Turbocharge your career with target-oriented planning

Are unforeseeable circumstances forcing you to rethink your career? Was the vacant project management position unexpectedly given to your colleague? Do you want to be more than just another employee at the company? In a nutshell: If you notice that the job engine is spluttering, it is time to take stock of your career.

We help you to plan and implement the upcoming change with a “cool head”. We show you your options, work together with you to develop a plan and then provide practical support to help you achieve your career goal.

This is how we bring you closer to your career goal:

Determining your present Position
Like a captain on the high seas, you work with us to sound out your career situation as well as the causes that have led to this.

Setting objectives
Together, we find out where your strengths and interests lie and assess how realistic your chances of promotion are in the company. This orientation allows us to draw up a guideline for your professional development.

You then create a professional presentation of your personal successes according to our guideline. Primarily, this includes your personality profile and curriculum vitae, which you can then tailor to suit the potential employer and the situation.

In accordance with your personal objectives, we help you look for companies that are worth considering for your new career step. Furthermore, we help you adapt your documents to suit the companies selected.

We also prepare the way for you by making contact with your preferred companies. We put out feelers and ensure that you are invited to an interview with the correct decision-makers as quickly as possible.

If you want take your career planning into your own hands, talk to us!