A strong employer brand is the best recommendation

To ensure that employees are satisfied and applicants interested, the entire corporate environment must be absolutely right. However, a lot of companies don’t know with which factors they can make themselves attractive for applicants. How can they? In most cases they don’t have the slightest idea how they are perceived on the recruitment market.

Our proposed solution: find out, don’t speculate. Namely, by asking the candidates during upcoming recruitment processes and by interviewing your own staff.

Our employer branding programme helps you get to know the wishes and expectations placed on you as an employer and to make yourself more attractive. A strong employer brand is the best recommendation.

This is how we turn your company into a successful employer brand!


First of all, when interviewing the candidates, we specifically ask how your company is perceived as an employer brand. We analyse, for example, the following questions: What do potential candidates associate with your employer brand? What values do they connect with your company? What added value, apart from a good salary, do applicants except?

Defining the change process

We compare the actual perception with your views. If there is a discrepancy, we suggest suitable change measures to strengthen your employer brand.

Implementing the change process

Whether work-life balance, childcare, flexible working-hours models – we help you plan and introduce these measures, and accompany you during their implementation.

Monitoring success

We monitor the extent to which your reputation as an employer has improved when the next vacancies are advertised and provide support if you want to get a picture of how your employers view your company.

Do you want to convince top talents with a strong employer brand? Then talk to us!