Long-term performance increase within your own ranks

For us, human resources consultancy consists not only of finding the most suitable candidate for you but also of having the prospects for the further development of your staff in our sights. After all, for many candidates the working environment and, above all, the chance to contribute to shaping the company are important factors.

With the “Management Development Programme”, we not only make the better decision from an economic point of view compared to taking on a new member of staff, you also retain accumulated know-how in your company.

We help you to identify employees with high potential and provide you with support during the management development. This enables you to fill managerial positions from your own ranks and, furthermore, offer your employees good long-term perspectives.

We achieve improved performance in four steps:

Needs assessment
First of all, working together with you, we clarify your short- and medium-term manpower requirements for management positions and create a target profile.

During an assessment centre, we obtain a clear picture of the individual employees and can identify “high performers” and “potential high performers”. 

Development concept
Based on the results, we create individual development concepts.

With target-oriented coaching, we achieve a significant long-term performance increase among your staff. Through supervision we guarantee successful further development.

If you want to promote young talent from within your own ranks, talk to us!