Sustainable recruiting with empathy and digital processes

If sustainability and future orientation play an important role for you when recruiting new employees, you have come to the right place!

As a personnel consultant we are your representative towards potential candidates. With great empathy and sensitivity, we contact selected candidates to question their willingness to change. Sustainable recruiting - with empathy and digital processes we bring you with suitable top candidates quickly together. Only the best candidates, who on the one hand meet your expectations and on the other hand enjoy working in your company, are presented to you.

Headhunting with sensitivity

With a lot of tact and sensitivity we create the basis for a sustainable and future-oriented working relationship. In doing so, we already think about onboarding during the recruiting process, so that no surprises occur after the decision process!

We always keep the time and cost efficiency of our "headhunting" in mind.  Our consulting and our agile and digital processes allow you to get information about the current status of the project at any time and from any place and to get an idea of the project progress.

In the course of our recruitment process, we receive a lot of information from our candidates that allows us to draw excellent conclusions about how you are perceived by them as an employer. We provide you with this information as part of the assignment so that you can specifically work on your image on the applicant market and increase your attractiveness to applicants. We are also happy to support you with our professional "Employer Branding" program.

In seven steps to sustainable staffing


As a basis for our work we do not only consider the job, but the whole environment. As personnel consultants with our broad expertise in the field of recruiting, we want to understand the system in your company so that we can offer you a suitable personnel solution. For this we need a lot of information and will question everything openly. Because we are your mouthpiece and thus the first image transfer on the applicant market. Only in this way can we create trust and adequately represent your company.

Project initiation

With the knowledge gained, we start the recruiting project by developing a target-oriented job profile and a search strategy agreed with you.

Direct search

We identify your desired candidates in various channels and address them authentically and appreciatively. We show the candidates the same respect as our clients. As experienced personnel consultants and recruiters, we make a discreet and competent pre-selection for further interviews

Interviews / Preselection

The correct and strategic selection of personnel is not only determined by professional aspects, but also involves soft factors. We make the pre-selection by sounding out the following questions, among others: Who would be happy to start with your company? Who fits the position professionally? Who sees their future in your company? Furthermore, we give basic recruiting impulses, in which direction the competition thinks and which points and topics could be important for you in the future.


Candidates we present to you will meet your requirements and are already characterized by a high level of commitment and interest in your company. Conversely, we don't whitewash the candidates; you will receive an open and honest assessment of both the hard and soft skills of the candidates.

Final selection

If you wish, we can prepare the interviews for your potential new employees and provide advice to support you in your decision.


In the time window between signing and the start of work, we help you to organise everything for the first day of work and to give the employee the feeling that he or she has made the right decision with you as employer. It is also part of our self-image as personnel consultants that we - with your consent - coach your new employee also during the induction phase.

Personnel consulting with respect

Throughout the entire recruiting process we will treat our client and candidates with respect, appreciation and openness.

We ensure the right match between company, position and candidates. Talk to us!